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Lee - Monday, June 22nd, 2015 11:32 AM MDT
Dear Mack,

Such a gorgeous rendition of "Wandering Soul" you have on youtube—it has to be one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. So healing, the sweetness and purity of your voice, the richness and the power.... something to listen to again and again, and let the healing wash right over you.

How did you do it? Was there something particularly special that night, that you could create such magic?

Would you please sing the song, "My Feet Took To Walkin"? I could just imagine how beautiful it would sound with your would just be so perfect with it. You have just the right combination of sweetness and strength.

Blessings to you and many thanks for carrying John Denver's sweet spirit to us even though he has gone....

Many thanks from
(in Michigan)

Adrienne McBride - Monday, June 10th, 2013 2:17 PM MDT
Hi Mack,

First, thank you for the beautiful songs that you sung at the WFMA benefit and kind words you had for all. Suffice it to say, everyone had a great time at the event and could not help but be touched by the poignant "With A Friend Like You", that you sang and wrote. With your permission, we would like to share the video of you singing the song on our website and in our e-newsletter. Please let me know if this would be alright with you.

Many, many thanks on behalf of Madison House,

Jackie - Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 3:37 AM MST
Hey Mack! It was such a pleasure to hear you live in Aspen this past October (our first JD Tribute visit). Hope to see you in Annapolis in the future.

Sending best wishes to you and yours for a joyous holiday! May the new year bring you good health, good fortune and lots of song inspiration!

(Did you receive the email send through your web site?)

Jackie and Ken (Annapolis, MD)

REBECCA DAY - Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 1:25 PM MDT
we met after the recent 15th anniversary tribute. it was an amazing night. pure delight! thank you for sharing your passion and love for John and his music. you have an incredible voice yourself and as I said that night "the concert brought John back to life for me" thank you

Mike gmail.comBuckley - Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 7:41 AM MDT
Dang you performed with Reba - WOW - I was teamed up with a real celeb for a week. :)

LINDE and MIKE from Fort Collins - Saturday, June 9th, 2012 10:25 AM MDT
A real treat to see you perform twice in a 2 month period! Loved the little gathering at FC and the opposite at Red Rocks. So happy that you were able to sing the duet of that beautiful song at the awesome Rocks stage. So glad you were added to the list of performers. (Mike encouraged me to make some communication about RR)

Mark Pearson - Monday, April 9th, 2012 10:42 PM MDT
If I'm not mistaken I was lucky enough to see your first performance as a member of the Limeliters-on Blakely Island-and to share the stage with you there and at other venues. Just a note to wish you well on this next stage and hope we will be sharing a stage or two in the times ahead.
All the best to one of the best.

Mary Kroll - Monday, March 19th, 2012 1:02 PM MDT
I want to thank you once again for the patience and courtesy you showed yesterday while my 89 year old mother spoke endlessly about her Irish friend, Tommy Kelly. You displayed a special knack for listening and I applaud your kindness.
Musically, you really wowed my partner and I. We are looking forward to your next swing into S. Florida.

Mary Kroll

Sandy - Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 2:52 PM MST
I missed your performance at Amado Territory, had symphony tickets that day, will you be coming back to S.E. Az again anytime soon? I'm so sorry to have missed this show, I know I would have loved it.

Ron Davidowicz - Sunday, March 4th, 2012 8:58 PM MST
Hello from Betton Woods NH,
I doubt you remember me, but we were bartending together at slopeside bar.
As a matter of fact, the deal was I would teach you to bartend and you would teach me to sing. LOL I still can't sing.
We came up with some crazy song titles together, like "It's half past a six pack and my baby's still not here" or "I found my jive on North Wacket Drive" and who could forget "I'm lying here with tears in my ear crying over you "
Well it was a long time ago, you, me, Bill Green, Sandy Marriotti.
Just thought I'd send you a blast from the past.

Cheryl - Friday, September 9th, 2011 7:56 AM MDT
I have missed you guys SOOO much at the Sunfest in Ocean City!! I used to plan my schedule around your performances!! I just love the mix of music, love and laughter with heartfelt messages that you all presented and I am SOOOO excited that I will be attending the concert at the Maryland Therapeutic Riding event this weekend!! PLEASEEEE tell me you'll have CD's for sale there!! I had 2 of yours and they both got stolen from my van several years ago!!! wackado, wackado, wackado!!! :)

Barb McKenna - Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 4:39 PM MDT
Having followed Mack since the late 80's, I must say he is my favorite performer of all time. His music, style, and personality are incredible. I still cannot get enough of his music. Even the one song he does that I don't especially care for, brings so many good memories of him I find myself singing along, or walking out, as the case may be. Listen and enjoy !

Nate Bell - Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 10:07 AM MDT
We have seen Mack several times in the Sarasota Florida area. Listening to one of his CD"s last night had us check his schedule. Sorry to see he is not coming back here anytime soon.
Rock Me Granpa brings tears every time we hear it.

keith laverick - Friday, December 17th, 2010 9:22 AM MST
hi mack,rachel
best wishes for christmas and the new year also belated wishes on the new baby.road rage ron also send regards, from ron keith jean

Barbara Saigo - Saturday, December 4th, 2010 5:48 PM MST
Hi Mack ~ Roy and had a wonderful time visiting with the three of you as Limeliters performing for the AGR reunion at UC Davis a couple of years ago. I have a few photos I'd like to share with you, Andy, and Gaylan. What is the best way to email them? A couple are of you guys performing that I thought were fun. Really enjoyed the concert! I subsequently talked with Alex H. on the phone - what a kick! Best wishes to you all and Happy Holidays from St Cloud, MN.

Mike Driscoll - Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 9:59 PM MDT
been a while, u guys

Bonnie Wood - Friday, September 10th, 2010 4:11 PM MDT
Congratulations on your new baby! Caroline must be so excited!!
I dropped you an email earlier on hardtraveler, I hope you can send the information to me.

With love, Bonnie Wood from Arkansas

Jim Clare - Friday, August 20th, 2010 6:22 AM MDT
hi Mack and Rachel,

More disturbing news reports about the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico continue daily, and I realize anew, that "Why Is It So Quiet", speaks to every one of us who shares this little planet...

Jerry Thomas - Wednesday, December 16th, 2009 11:23 AM MST

A few years ago I had the opportunity to sing with you via "The Terriers" at Blakely Island. A special time which I will always cherish.

Sitting here this am and listening to your Christmas album for the umpteenth time, it reminds us of what a special gift you have - much like the gift of Christ's birth which again we celebrate.

Last year I introduced you via CD to a beloved cousin of mine and she being a teacher espcially loved "Through Your Eyes". After a long battle with cancer, she passed away this fall. She asked that at her funeral if possible I could sing this song. I did the best I could and just wanted to mention how your music has truly touched many lives. Keep it coming!

Hope in the future we have a chance to see you and your colleagues in concert.

Merry Christmas and have a great 2010!

Jerry & Lou Ann Thomas

Christopher B. - Monday, November 9th, 2009 11:29 PM MST
Mack! It was great bumping into you and Rachel at Steiner's In Sonoma California. Little did you know that you had Denver Bronco fans there with you amidst all of those Stealer fans. =))

I am glad I had a chance to share some thoughts with you regarding current affairs from the Internet on my phone. It is a smaller world when you find others that are on the same wave lengths. I am sure that if given more time we could have shared more of what we had in common.

Please be sure to check your email,, I have sent something more person, as I said I would.

God Bless you and Rachel both! You are wonderful people. May your travels bring more joy to others as I know you will!

Best Regards, Chris

Kelly Stahlman - Sunday, October 25th, 2009 5:41 PM MDT
Dear Rachel & Mack,

Thanks again for performing for The Arc of Arap/Doug & Denver Event this summer, Wine & Wacky Wickets. You are both amazing singers, and your live music MADE the event.

I am still looking at the Aspen Challenge Program as a graduation gift for Mark and Eric! Thanks for the tip!

Rachel - do you know Joe Pausbach, also from Aspen?

Anyway, take care and have a wonderful time in Ireland!


Mike & Pam Adler - Monday, October 12th, 2009 10:29 AM MDT
Mack & Rachel: Thank you for sharing and for your friendship. - Mike & Pam

Lisa - Monday, October 5th, 2009 10:20 AM MDT
Monday, October 5, 2009
Mack and Rachel - Your concert on a Fall afternoon in Western Colorado (Grand Junction) was pure delight for all who attended. We appreciate you sharing your talent with us and for giving so much to our Youth. To hear Mack's trained tenor voice -in person is such a gift. And all the musicians were remarkable. Safe travels and abundance to each of you. Thank you. Lisa

Richard Pennington - Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 8:41 PM MDT
Hi Mack,
Thought I drop you a line. Will try to catch one your shows this year, Hope all is well with your family.
I will Cherish our Iron Furnace Moment all my life. Thanks

Mimi Thomas - Friday, July 10th, 2009 3:42 PM MDT
As we were sitting here (Galax, VA) listening to "Silver & Gold", we wondered if the Hard Travelers were still around. Well, I guess so! For a time we lived in Grasonville and worked in Annapolis and heard saw you frequently. That was back in the early 90's.
Now we live near Galax and revel in the music here. But we still haul out your CDs often! Thank you for your wonderful music.

eve and ray hassett - Thursday, June 25th, 2009 12:47 AM MDT
Mack and Rachel

So nice to see and enjoy your music in Annapolis. It is such a treat to have you close to home and to be able to visit with you. You and Rachel sounded wonderful together. Even got to say hello to the puppy. He was jumping up at the window when we left. Tell Rachel I will send her photos after this weekend. Going home for a family reunion. Sad though it may be with my dad and mom both gone this year.
Could you send me Karen's email? I lost it in cyberspace somewhere. Wanted to email our condolences for her mom. Hope the memorial was nice. Ray had to work or we would have come.
See you in Havre Grace.

jim clare - Thursday, June 18th, 2009 5:18 PM MDT
...June and I thoroughly enjoyed your very brief visit! You and Rachel are a treat, but of course Kulu was the icing on the cake!

Your concert in the chapel at Clifton Springs, NY was a treasure...truly a night to remember...and we already want you back!

stay well, Mack,

Edwin Pugh - Monday, May 25th, 2009 10:36 AM MDT
Mack, Thanks to you and Rachel for taking time out of a busy itinerary to come to sing amd spend time with the folks at Stokesley Christian fellowship.You have a real gift of music and song. If / when you return to Stokesley you can be assured of a very warm reception.It would be lovely to see you both again.

Bill Hartley - Tuesday, March 10th, 2009 10:32 AM MDT
Hi Mack, just got your email regarding the Wheeler and The John Denver All Star Tribute in October. I would love to see this. Both Edweena and I remember fondly the Blakely Island John Denver show. We wish you all the best and know it is lots of work. Regards, Bill

jill culbert - Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 2:28 PM MST
hi mack - calling from the uk. i've just reviewed your album - Thursday.. on Amazon uk. Its the only one we can get here as far as i'm aware. can they not be sold in hmv??? anyways its a nice album esp rock me grandpa...
best wishes


Lynelle Marcus - Sunday, January 11th, 2009 5:47 PM MST
Hi Mack,

I just received my e-mail from Spa Creek and also from Fiddler's Dream Coffeehouse, that you and the Lime Lighters will be in Phoenix Feb. 28.
OMG--do I need to tell you how excited I am?
Of course I called Ron and Debbie immediately to tell them that this news just made my day.
Cannot wait to see you!!!!
I hope Rachel will be with you and I can meet her.

Sheri and I are so looking forward to seeing you and hearing your beautiful voice ("Just Because")


Ron Wilburne - Thursday, January 8th, 2009 12:34 PM MST
Hi Mack,
In case you don't remember me by name. I'm Ron, the leader of the
folk group "Horizon." We sure had fun being one of the openig acts for you and "The Limeliters" up in Washington back in November. We have talk a couple of times on the phone, but I know that you meet and talk with a lot of people and how that can all become a jumble of voices and sometimes even faces. So I thought it would be best to reinterduce myself again. I will be in Florence, OR at the festival next week. This year I'll be there without Horizon and that will sure be different! I am looking forward to seeing you and Rachel there and linking up with you again, at least in some small way. I must say that I have met you at several events in the past and each time it was a distinct pleasure. You're so pleasant and easy to talk with. That is rare in todays world. You are truly special.


Ron Wilburne

Victoria Everett - Friday, January 2nd, 2009 7:21 PM MST
Hi Mr. Mack,
My mommy got your cds for Christmas and she plays them in the car. I love hearing your singing and it reminds me of when you sang to me over the summer and fall at Hopkins. My mommy's favorite songs are "In Your Eyes", and "Star Light." They always make her cry. I hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Maybe I can see you the next time you are in Baltimore. I still have your picture on my website!
Love, Victoria

Terri Green - Saturday, December 27th, 2008 11:34 AM MST
Hi Mack,
This is Jesse Green's mom. Jesse was able to be discharged from JHH(4th floor) on Christmas Eve. I wanted to thank you for all that you do for the children at the John's Hopkins Childrens Center. I know that Jesse is really excited when you come to sing. I would really love to get a cd of the songs that you sing to him, so that he can listen to them while he is at home and to be able to take it to the hospital.

Mary Nelson Keithahn - Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 9:21 PM MST
Dear Mack,

I have been listening to "Star Light" for the first time this evening, and want to thank you for the sensitive, beautiful way in which you sang our hymn, "One Holy Night in Bethlehem." I believe my composer colleague, John Horman, has already been in touch with you. "Star Light" is an exceptionally fine album, and I'm glad I ran across it on the web when I was "googling" our hymn. I'm also glad you included "Sweet Little Jesus Boy," which has been one of my favorites from my high school days but isn't heard much anymore. I ordered "Star Light" for my three children for Christmas and I know their families are going to enjoy all the carols on it. Thank you again for including "One Holy Night in Bethlehem."

Barb Frum - Monday, December 8th, 2008 7:23 AM MST
We have traveled from North West of Pittsburgh for the last 5 years to see all of you perform and you have never let us down. We love the show at the Rams Head. Saturday's show was one of the best. Great job!!
And we got your Christmas CD and enjoyed it for 5 hours in the car on our way home on Sunday. See you next year if weather is permitting.

Bob & Barb Frum
New Galilee, PA 16141

Jackie and Ray Freeman - Sunday, December 7th, 2008 10:06 AM MST
Hi you two We are looking forward to you being in Kirkby in Cleveland U.K. in May 09 and taking you for a pint in the BLACK SWAN .You are the best friends we have and feel that we are very blessed to know you so personaly Love The Freemans xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bill Barnes - Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 10:58 AM MST
It was truly a pleasure to see you and Rachel at the Coffee Gallery. What a personable venue it is. Looking forward to April 1st. Have a great holiday season.

Kerry Revell - Sunday, October 19th, 2008 10:09 PM MDT
Hi Mack and Everyone,

I just heard "Take Me Home Country Roads" and was reminded of your band. In 1998, I went to a summer camp through the Chesapeake Bay Foundation which you helped with. I wanted to thank you with your help with the camp--ten years later, I still remember your music and am thrilled to know that some of the songs that we sang are on CD! Thanks again for making that experience so memorable!


Melissa Bailey - Monday, October 6th, 2008 3:17 PM MDT
No John Denver Tribute concert for the Maryland Therapeutic Riding Center this year????!!!! I'm so bummed. I really, really love the concerts. John Denver remains my favorite artist. I guess I can see you at the Christmas show in December and hope to hear some Denver tunes. Maybe I'll take my sister, as she wants to be a Mack Bailey groupy along with me. :)

Take care. Melissa Bailey

KC - Monday, August 25th, 2008 10:30 AM MDT
My family and I went to your concert at the Annapolis Maritime Museum earlier this month. Thank you for the wonderful evening. My 5 year old really enjoyed several song, especially High Gear. She's going into kindergarten this year and she said, "Mommy, that song's about me!" Thank you again for giving us a wonderful evening and for creating beautiful, meaningful and compelling music. I found your music on iTunes and was able to download several songs. Just great!!

Richard Pennington - Sunday, August 10th, 2008 8:48 PM MDT
Great to find your web site. Back ti the Eastern Shore again. Let me Know if you get to the Avalon Theatre in Easton. Take Care. Hope the familys find. Bet your Daughter is a lot more grown up.

Rita MacLean - Thursday, July 24th, 2008 7:08 AM MDT
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Thanks for changing your concert time to 3:00 pm on Oct 12 in Aspen! I am really looking forward to the time with you, Pete and Chris. You always make it much more than a concert - it is more of a get-together with friends. And you include your audience in that same feeling. Fun times ahead!!!

George Carrington - Friday, July 18th, 2008 10:20 AM MDT
Hi Mack and Rachel,
Just wanted to say hi. I checked out your website and am very impressed. I like you grew up loving John Denver's music. Naturally, when I started playing the guitar, it was John's music that I first learned. You might say John taught to play the guitar! Let me know if will ever venture out to Ohio. Love to see ya!

Rod Almond - Thursday, July 17th, 2008 2:07 PM MDT
Mack and Rachel,
Just wanted you guys to know there are a lot folks excited about seeing you here in Albemarle, NC, this fall for another ocncert at City Lake Park. Hope you'll enjoy being "Back Home Again"!
See you soon!
Rod Almond

Bob Isenhart - Wednesday, June 18th, 2008 7:16 AM MDT
Hi Mack...I was one of many delighted fans that was totaly captivated by the Hard Traveler's concert at OOUMC on June 12. An outstanding evening of song and sentiment. We were all especially touched by the band's tribute to Buddy and the expression of love so genuinely expressed. I have a friend that will be leaving me sooner rather than later. He has asked me to do his eulogy. A great honor but not an easy task. Your song to Buddy, "Goodbye Old Friend" would be a perfect tribute to my friend. Is it possible to obtain a copy of the lyrics, that I might read as a close to my eulogy. It's origin and author(s) would be acknowledged because in so doing, another dimension of this touching ballad is revealed. Thanks for your consideration in this matter and a special thanks for your fine tenor voice and your talent so fully shared with all.
Bob Isenhart, Baltimore, MD

Kathy - Friday, April 25th, 2008 5:29 PM MDT
Mack ~ There was a wonderful review of "The Limeliters" Concert in the El Dorado Times on Wednesday and I was grinning from ear to ear when I read the following statement:

Bailey´s solo, "Danny Boy," revealed a voice and range which falls somewhere between Glenn Yarborough´s vibrant Irish tenor and John Denver´s soaring clarity. Bailey combines the best qualities of both singers."

Great description of your amazing talent!

Linda Kingston - Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 9:59 PM MDT
This is the first chance I've had to check out your website. I was there when you performed with The Limelighters in El Dorado, KS. I t was great! Hope to see you perform again very soon. I would love it if I could get to Aspen. Sending you and your family the best of everything.

Kathy - Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 6:27 PM MDT
Hi Mack!
I so enjoyed seeing you perform with "The Limeliters" in my hometown of El Dorado, Ks. on April 13!
I've got the new CD playing in my car and can't get "Rock Me Grandpa" out of my head! It's one of my favorites that you sing!
It was great talking to you following the concert!
Hope you and Rachel enjoyed your event in Coffeeville, Ks.
See you guys this October in Aspen! It will be here before we know it.


eve and ray - Thursday, April 10th, 2008 10:30 AM MDT
Hi Mack,

Just thinking about you. Miss hearing you music. Saw Karen the other night at a Kathy Mattea concert at Rams Head. Already looking forward to your concert there.

My mom died the end of February, so I could use some cheering up. Ray and are both fine. Spring is finally here. It seems that in the past two weeks everything is in full bloom. It is absolutely gorgeous!

How are Caroline and Rachel doing? Hope they are well. Well, need to get back to work. Can't wait to see you again. Oh goodness! Do I sound like a Mack Bailey groupie. I guess groupies are good things. It's more missing our friend.

Take care.

Love you, eve

Barb Radcliffe - Monday, April 7th, 2008 5:41 PM MDT
Hi Mack,

I'm so excited to finally be attending a Mack Bailey show! I've been trying to get to one for over a year. I'll be there on June 14 to see you and Mark. Wish I could make it to the one with Bill Danoff, too. We'll see.


PS-Miss you on MySpace, Mack!!!

Carol - Sunday, March 23rd, 2008 7:25 AM MDT
Happy Easter Mack. See you again in Aspen for the Tribute.

Wayne & Mary Hemstreet - Thursday, February 28th, 2008 7:56 AM MST
It was with great pleasure that we attended your concert in Mansfield, PA early this winter. We have never been so amazed and pleasured by anyone's voice before. You are amazing! Also, it was a joy talking with both you and Rachel after the show. Now that we have connected with your website we will watch closely for your concerts and hopefully you will be nearby again so that we can hear your beautiful music.

Kathy Hutchinson Warren - Monday, February 11th, 2008 9:45 PM MST
Wow ! I've been nursing an old cassette recording of the Demo Songs since the spring of '87 - pirated a copy from my friend Ted on a summer Mount Washington day. I heard you last on a snowy winter night in 87 at Rosa Flamingo's in Bethlehem! The new ipod inspired me to search for my favorites on itunes and there & here you are! Wow ! Just wow - it is a long way you've come !

You sing the music of my heart - I was afraid you were stuck on that old cassette - thought I'd see if you'd kept singing - laughs on me :o) I will definately hear you again live.

Can we get you back here to New England ? I live now off the coast of Maine on the island of Vinalhaven. Dave Mallet performed in our hall last summer, Steve Riley, Catherine Russell, we'd love to host you. Summer is quite a time ! If it is anything you and any of your folks would consider drop me a line. Midcoast Maine could provide multiple venues, The Strand in Rockland, here at Smith Hokanson Hall in Vinalhaven,Camden, Ellsworth - I'm sure we could arrange a few venues or you could just drop by and enjoy island time for a few days ! There're lots of Lobster here !!!

What are the chances there is a left over copy of the demo CD lurking around somewhere ? Those songs take me back to Fabyan's and my time in Bretton Woods in a way nothing else can. I would love the opportunity to enjoy them some more. Please drop a line if there is a way to get a recording of the Demo's - I'll buy the rest ! I look forward to discovering all you've been doing - I have always loved the Limeliters, NCM,John Denver - I am so thrilled to receive this music from you - you do it so well !

Sorry to write so long - you provided a soundtrack to my twenties and you know how that is !! Just can't stop smiling !

Good luck with everything - I look forward to listening to you more !

Kathy Hutchinson Warren PO Box 284 Vinalhaven,Me 04863

Pete Digel - Monday, February 11th, 2008 7:24 PM MST
Mack, Hello from Penna. Just a quick note looking for a source for JDs sheet music for piano, particularly The Wings That Fly Us Home. Would you have any suggestions for me.

Thank you,


Dawn Ferringo - Friday, December 21st, 2007 5:32 PM MST
Hi Mack! I'm going to be in Denver over the New Year's weekend. Not sure if we can figure something out but it would be great to see you. Get in touch if possible.

Merry Christmas! Love Ya!

Pohara Joy Heart - Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 7:12 PM MST
I just this moment finished listening to "Oh Holy Night" on your lovely Christmas CD for the first time since last year, and I am feeling completely overwhelmed with the beauty and exquisite tenderness of your voice. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am that your music touches my heart once again.

Happy Holidays! Love & Blessings to you and Rachel!

Elena and Jacob Elliott - Friday, December 14th, 2007 10:28 AM MST

Thanks again for sharing your beautiful voice with us at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. It means a lot to us that you would take your time to visit us and others at the hospital. Thanks also for the CD Live At The Casa. It's great and we are enjoying it very much. Jacob is still playing his video games and feeling better each day.

Elena Elliott

Jim Kittle - Thursday, November 29th, 2007 10:30 AM MST
Hey guys,
Thanks for all you fund raising efforts. We have a son with Cystic Fibosis and just this year I have started Pickin' on Cystic Fibrosis here in Michigan. It has been a stuggle getting off the ground, but I will continue forward.
Thanks for all you do.

Jimmy Kittle

Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf - Thursday, November 1st, 2007 10:49 AM MDT
Hi Mack!
It's been a while since our paths have crossed. And many years since the Folk Jams on Thursday night at Reynolds Tavern in Annapolis! I got to thinking of you the other day & I am here to ask a favor!

I am a finalist in the $100,000 Quilting Contest (Approaching Winter) and
today the voting starts for the grand-prize winner!

I have included the link to the web-site page where you can cast your vote for your favorite quilt. (Mine of course!) The voting process will continue through December 10th.

Inspired in part by the Edward Lear limerick, I created this quilt by first free-style machine embroidering the face and hand, then I gave her 'hair' by appliquéing hundreds (thousands?) of tiny birds, butterflies, fairies and planets!

There was an Old Man with a beard,
Who said, "It is just as I feared!
Two Owls and a Hen,
Four Larks and a Wren,
Have all built their nests in my beard!"

Thanks Mack!

Pete Digel - Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 7:37 AM MDT

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for sharing your talents with us in Annapolis. Great show and good conversation at the bar!

I checked mapquest yesterday for your show venue relative to where we live. It is about 1 1/2 hours from Mansfield, PA which is bit east of Wellsboro, PA. Let me know if this is too far for the Limeliters to overnight as we discussed.


Pete Digel

Marie Ebersole - Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 10:32 PM MDT
Hi Mack,
My husband and I have enjoyed hearing you at the Hard Traveler's Christmas Shows. We have been coming to them since 2002 and have our tickets ready for this year's concert too. We are really looking forward to it.
I just read the news about Jon Glik. He will be in our prayers. Is there any chance you all will be doing something to help him at the Ramshead Shows this year? We are planning to donate to his medical fund now but was just checking for then.
Peace and Blessings,

LINDE - Monday, October 15th, 2007 12:52 PM MDT
15 October 2007 (northern Colorado)
Hi Mack,

It was great to hear you again live...was in Aspen in 2005 but seems like a long time ago...came with 2 girlfriends and only came for one concert.
You have an amazing voice!!! And you must be heard live!!!
As always the truly fun performance of the tribute group of musicians was just so full of life and you are all real professionals. You all keep John alive in our hearts...many thanks to you all.
I hope you did not do an impromptu singing of "First Snows" after the church service :) appropriate husband and I would have regretted leaving immediately due to weather concerns for our 5 hour drive home. Would also love to hear you sing Ponies. Had you tried to contact the Rialto Theater in Loveland, CO?
The best to you and Rachel.
Linde (and Mike)

Bonnie from Arkansas - Sunday, August 26th, 2007 2:07 PM MDT
Hey Mack! It will be great to see you again in September. Bella Vista Arkansas is only an hour from home. I last talked to you at the Mountain Chalet in Aspen where you did a benefit concert for the Peace Cloth.
I will see you in Bella Vista,
regards, Bonnie Beach, AKA Bonnie in Arkansas

Carolyn Wilkey - Wednesday, August 8th, 2007 12:37 PM MDT
Mack as always can't wait to see you perform in Colorado this year. Your music is brilliant.
Can't wait to come this year. Heard today you will be singing at the Snowmass chapel. My favorite place. See you soon.

Guest - Tuesday, August 7th, 2007 7:11 PM MDT
Our family has enjoyed listening to "Rock Me Grandpa" for many years. Many nights the kids have been put to bed by us singing it to them. Is there anywhere to get the sheet music for the song. We would greatly appreciate it.

Rosalind (Liles) Connor - Thursday, July 19th, 2007 2:17 PM MDT
Hi Mack!
Another one of your NCSA classmates making contact! I also got your site link from Amy Jones. I live outside of Chattanooga, TN now, so be sure and let me know if you ever are close by. My husband, John, and I have now been married almost 25 years and we have two children, Jack and Sally, who are 22 and 19 respectively. I get back to Wadesboro several times a year, and even drove through NCSA in May when I was in NC on business - it has sure changed since we were there! I would love to catch up sometime!

eve and ray - Wednesday, July 18th, 2007 9:53 PM MDT
Hi Mack and Rachel,

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far. Ray and I have been busy this summer, mostly my teaching summer school and a couple of day trips. We will get away in August for some much needed R&R. Just thought while I was checking out the website, would say hello. Looking forward to seeing you at Baldwins. Love ya, Eve

Sherb - Monday, June 11th, 2007 5:23 PM MDT
Really enjoyed the event on Blakely,Isl in 04. Thanks for the afterglo of continious tenor splendor. It's great to see you will be in Washington in 2007. I'm looking forward to those events. Thanks for making it to the northwest again. Sherb

Christie Jones - Friday, June 8th, 2007 3:53 PM MDT
Aloha Mack! It is your old friend from NCSA. Amy Jones Bagnall just sent me your site link, so good to see you are still singing up a storm!
I am here in Kauai where I have lived for 13 years. If you would like to organize a tour stop here, I am sure there would be an audience waiting for you! Let me know, I can set up a venue and advertizing!
Let's catch up soon, aloha again, Christie

Marie-Louise Charlton - Monday, May 21st, 2007 7:59 AM MDT
Hi Mack

I realised I had given you the wrong email address, please see the amended one which I have typed in for you. Hope to purchase some more of your cd's. I have played 'Why I'm Here' loads of times, I simply love your voice. 'Just Because' reduced me to a flow of tears, so moving.

Thanks for a brilliant cd, I have asked my friends for the other cd's as presents for my birthday and or christmas.

See ya in October hopefully

Marie-Louise Charlton

Ray Freeman - Sunday, May 20th, 2007 12:43 AM MDT
Hi Mack .
Well you did it again myboy! Reduced me to tears here in Kirkby in Cleveland North Yorkshire England .How do you do that MACK?? your voice is amazing Annies Song your way, blows me away you are a great guy Mack. and Rachel obiousley loves you just as much as we do but watch out ! My son Ben will soon be 9yr and may steal her away from you .Haste ye back love the Freemans

Brian and Diana - Thursday, May 10th, 2007 2:52 AM MDT
Hi Mack,
Thanks for the concerts in Kirkby last weekend,also meeting up with you all in the Black Swan both nights,a great weekend.I'm not sure of the ages of you guys but if your the oldest keep rockin Grandpa.
Look forward to meeting up with you again in Aspen this October
Best Wishes
Brian and Diana

Marie-Louise Charlton - Monday, May 7th, 2007 3:40 PM MDT
Hi Mack,

I just wanna say how great the concert was at Kirkby In Cleveland on May 4th in England. It was absolutely great. I am severely deaf but heard everything no problem. What a great evening it was. Hope you come over again to England,(maybe you could come to my home town which is Carlisle, north England in the NorthWest, bordering Scotland). I bought your cd 'why i'm here' and wondered if you have any other cds I could purchase. I will look at the links page and see if your cds are there as I am looking but not seeing I think.

I wanna thank you for a great evening on May 4th in Kirkby In Cleveland. Many thanks. I will be buying the dvd of the hightlights of the evening.

Thanks again

Marie-Louise charlton (Carlisle, UK)

Julie Serocki - Thursday, March 29th, 2007 7:50 PM MDT
I am going to the folk reunion concert Saturday, March 31 at the McAninch Arts Center in Glen Ellyn, Illinois with some huuuuuuuge John Denver fans. I am a huuuuuuuge one myself! Can they play any John Denver songs? Mack is in it, right? Thanks.


Dave Holmes - Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 5:34 PM MDT
Hey Dude & Dudette!

Nice ax you're playing! Nice music you're both making!

Dave the Ax Dude!

Bill Hartley - Sunday, February 11th, 2007 1:37 PM MST
Hi Mack, still working on getting you or you and the Limeliters at our small 181 seat theater here in Borrego Springs, CA. Maybe 2007/2008. Edweena and I were part of a "Borrego Sings" night with Friday and Saturday performances....sold out! Now I am getting to know the management and will start working on getting you here. They would love it. Bill

Ray Freeman - Sunday, January 14th, 2007 12:12 PM MST
Hi Mack and Rachael Looking forward to a few 80 bobs in the Black Swan Kirkby in Cleveland uk with you and the boys take care love the Freemans xxxxxxxxxxx

Ada Torrence - Friday, December 22nd, 2006 9:28 PM MST
I enjoyed the Holiday show at The Rams Head. I was there both nights!! Can't ever get enough of you and The Travelers.
Best wishes until you are back in the Annapolis Area again.


Paul Wigton - Friday, December 8th, 2006 2:38 PM MST
Never had the pleasure of hearing you yet: My friends Deb and Bruce continually send me invites and someday, I shall hear ya! I'm currently working on resurrecting my folk career, also based largely on the work and on the spirit of John Denver. I had the GREAT pleasure of singing "Matthew" with Pete Huttlinger this past September at Walnut Valley Festival..what a thrill! Would love to play a song'r two witchchoo, too!
P.S. I live in Keenesburg...know where that is?..;) A sorta test to see how 'Colorado' ya truly are!

Dr.Sheryl Russ - Wednesday, December 6th, 2006 8:13 PM MST
To Mack Bailey,
Thank you for visiting Erie on your concert tour with the Limeliters group last month. It took some extra effort to get from Baltimore, Md to Erie, Pa in less than a day. The concert was a family outing with my 80-year-old mother and 8-year-old son. It is difficult to find an event that will entertain ages that span this spectrum. The concert ended up being a gift to myself, as I discovered your music. I am a physician specializing in geriatrics. You are a wonderful advocate for music therapy. Alzheimer's is an isolating disease and our pills and technology make little impact. The power of music can transcend the grip of the disease if only for a few moments. Keep on writing and sharing your musical gifts. Have a joyful Christmas, Sheryl

John E. Travers aka Ram - Saturday, December 2nd, 2006 8:08 AM MST
Your kindness was well demonstrated via your song writings and your singing last evening here in CVL[Charlottesville,Va]
Thanks for being YOU
John\aka Ram 214

Betty Lou Shearer - Friday, November 3rd, 2006 9:53 AM MST
Hello Mack,

I have been listening to some of the music on the web from Choose Your Attitude.

Enjoyed seeing the picture of Gerry's Plate and your use of the title.

Hope you have a great visit with your Dad in Troy and a grand concert.


Betty Lou

Bonnie Tasch - Monday, October 30th, 2006 8:07 PM MST
Mack - my husband and I saw you at the John Denver tribute in Aspen in October 2006 and LOVED your voice! You rock Mack - come back to Colorado in the summer and to the Phoenix, Arizona area in the winter - we would love to see you again!

Barbara Ofenstein - Monday, October 30th, 2006 5:21 PM MST
Hi Mack,
I've just had the opportunity to see you perform for the 4th time this year beginning in June with the Johns Hopkins Tribute Show. As always, I took 2 new friends to hear you sing. Amazing is all they can say. Next off to Aspen to hear both shows at the Wheeler where you brought the house down with Wings that Fly Us Home, then again at the MT. Chalet with Chris and Pete. Oh what a lucky "Hershey Kiss" gal I am! Thanks for the beautiful music, hope to see you in the Seattle area in the future? I'll be checking your schedule often. I love your new CD, it plays in my car daily! Barbara/ Seattle

Pohara Joy Heart - Friday, October 13th, 2006 1:47 PM MDT
Dear Mack,

As I'm unable to make it to Aspen this year, I just wanted to wish you a wonderful weekend. I will miss the music, but my heart will be with all of you up there, and just for good measure, I'll be listening to all of your CD's over the next three days!

Love & Blessings,

P.S. When will you be coming back to California? Is there a way I can persuade you or facilitate that inevitability? Please let me know.

Kim Church - Monday, October 9th, 2006 3:05 PM MDT
I met you over the weekend in Prescott. I am very close friends with Gaylen and his wife Joyce. Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. Wonderfully talented, great sense of humor and a sweetheart. It was such a pleasure to hear you sing and I am so hoping that I will be on the cruise with you all in April. Joyce and Gaylen are working on my husband also... Like you did at Murphy's.(LOL) Good luck in all you do and thanks so much for the gift of your beautiful voice and your generousity of spirit... Kim in Tucson

Brent Reed - Monday, September 25th, 2006 2:17 PM MDT
Hi Mack,

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip to Africa, thanks for a wonderful couple of days with your friends and family. Really enjoyed your music and looking forward to the new album!

All the best,
Brent (Botswana)

Joan Niland - Sunday, August 27th, 2006 12:33 PM MDT
Hi,I was at the Johns Hopkins event back in June and told you I wanted to email you with a question. I don't have a good email for you so I am going to leave a comment here as well as send one to the address on the website. So please send me an email with your own address when you get a chance. To jog your memory I am the redhead who's a teacher and manages to chat with you for a few minutes after the conerts that I make it to. I usually go with my husband and some friends. We live in Eldersburg, MD. We really enjoyed the June concert; you all always do such a fantastic job. - Joan

Ray and Jackie Freeman - Sunday, July 30th, 2006 1:48 AM MDT
Hi Mack Thanks for being our guest here in Kirkby England You are a wonderfull man with the voice of an Angel and have enriched our life and that of our chilldren Ben Megan and Kai we send you our love and best wishes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Linda - Saturday, July 29th, 2006 12:19 PM MDT
Dear Mack! Your website is just beautiful, similar to the loving beautiful person that you truly are! I wish you much success in all your endeavours! In love, friendship and healing, Linda

Harry Newbould - Thursday, July 27th, 2006 9:55 AM MDT
It was good to meet you in The Black Swan and to see you enjoying an 80 bob or two. I think everyone there realised that we were so lucky to be there when you were playing.
I failed to get to the concerts in the village hall because of cricket matches but I hope you'll be back again soon. Hearing such special talent in my local pub was fantastic. Rock me Grandpa was great.
Well done to Ray for making things happen.
Harry from Kirkby-in-Cleveland

Marlene - Monday, July 24th, 2006 12:16 PM MDT
Hello Mack, I have been anxiously awaiting for you to come to the Pacific Northwest and I was SO excited to see on your schedule that you will be here August 26th @ Blakely Island, WA. I live in Olympia, WA. I checked often for concert times, prices, etc. only to find out it is a "Private Event". No further info. Is it closed to (faithful!:) fans who would give anything to be there? I bragged to my JD friends/MB friends (before I found out it was private) that I had the opportunity to see you (finally) so close to home. Were they jealous? YES! Any chance of tickets to this concert? Any chance that you will be in WA. State any time soon? Please consider it. Thanks for all the wonderful! music. Marlene

June and Michael from Bonnie Scotland - Saturday, July 22nd, 2006 9:23 AM MDT
Hi Mack, It was a pleasure to meet you at Ray and Jackies. Photographs came out so well. Have put the one of you, Chris, Michael and I on desktop. Hope to see you again and remember if you ever want to holiday in Scotland or trace your Scottish ancestory you would be more than welcome.
kind regards, June and Michael and our boys :))

bud stupi - Friday, July 21st, 2006 7:57 AM MDT
Hi Mack...just sitting here listening to your tape On My Way. It brings back many, many happy memories of Me and Mary Alice and Becky curled up in the Drummers Lot or at Reynolds Tavern.
I miss your wonderful voice and the hugs we shared...
I hope to see you back in Annapolis some time. Thanks for the visits to Oakhill Elementary and the joy you have given me!

Dave & Pam Wheatley - Thursday, July 20th, 2006 3:27 PM MDT
Hi All
Mack,Pete Huttlinger and Chris Nole have just visited England North East and given the most fantastic performances and made many friends.
Not only are they great artists but such engaging and friendly people welcome back here anytime.
We luv em,
Haste ye back boys and many thanks,
Dave & Pam

Maggie Gee, Marske by Sea, UK - Tuesday, July 18th, 2006 5:11 PM MDT
Two wonderful concerts in Kirkby in Cleveland, Yorkshire, UK. Was proud to have involvement in the shows as MC, this was my first encounter with Mac, hope it is not the last! A warm individual with a talent to match his frame ! I am sure that "Rock me Grandpa" should be a very big hit. spread the word Mac, you excel at that!
Love & Peace, Maggie xxx

Roger Baumgarten - Monday, July 17th, 2006 8:15 PM MDT

Nightingala 2006 was satisfying as any of the 8 John Denver concerts I attended over 20 years. Here's a link to photos I shot at the event:

If you would like JPGs to use on your website, please let me know.

--Roger Baumgarten
--Mechanicsburg, PA

Jan - Devon, England - Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 2:13 PM MDT
Hi Mack
So good to have the guest book up and running again.
Got the Flying Again CD thru' the post this morning and have played it all day!!! Think it is fantastic and such a great tribute to John, something to remind me of the Aspen Tribute Concerts when I can't get to them.
Really looking forward very much to seeing you, Chris and Pete in Yorkshire at the end of next week. Hope you have a great trip over and see you soon! Jan x





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