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Mack is offering Guitar and Voice Lessons in the Stapleton area of Denver, Colorado.  Starting in January 2014, he will be offering lessons in the Aspen Valley area of Colorado. 


Mack Bailey is a nationally acclaimed singer/songwriter noted for his strong, expressive classically trained tenor voice, with an impressive range and pure clean quality.  His full biography is testimony to his vocal knowledge.

Mack holds a B.A. degree in Music Performance from the North Carolina School of the Arts.  He is an award-winning singer and has honed his guitar skills over 35 years of performing on stages, large and small, all over the world.  His concerts and recordings demonstrate his acclaimed success. 

After many years of people asking for personal one-on-one time to learn from him and gain from his expertise, Mack is now offering lessons. 

For more information or scheduling, please contact Mack at: 

Phone:  970 456-6014


Voice Lessons

Guitar Lessons

How to use & improve your voice

  • Projection

  • Breathing

  • Tonal Quality

Performance techniques



  • basic chords

  • strumming and picking patterns


  • alternate chords

  • riffs

  • how to figure out a song

  • finding a melody or theme amongst the chords

Individual goals


     45 minute lessons:   $40.00

     1 hour lessons:         $50.00


     45 minute lessons:   $40.00

     1 hour lessons:         $50.00





Testimonials about

Mack's Voice and Guitar Mastery:


"The next great singer in folk music."

Glenn Yarbrough

Mack is one of the better voices in the music business.” 

Randy Sparks, The New Christy Minstrels

In its power, clarity and shear beauty, Mack Bailey's voice reminds me of no one more than my friend, the late John Denver.  I love to hear this man sing.” 

Tom Paxton

"Backed only by his own guitar . . .  Bailey's tenor voice was clear and seemingly effortless - music writers have used words like 'soaring' and 'wonderous' to describe it, and that works for me."

  - Chuck Agonito, Finger Lakes Times

"Mack has the purest voice I have ever heard."

Curtis Young, The Jordanaires

"It's a pleasure to write arrangements for such a great voice."

Louis Nunley, The Jordanaires

"We would love to have Mack Bailey sing the National Anthem for every game."

Baltimore Orioles Productions

"Mack is a wonderful powerful singer.  When recording he sings so consistently and flawlessly that we don't need to re-do his vocal tracks and there were not many retakes.  That's better than most of the singers who come in here do."

Dave Sinko, recording engineer, Sound Emporium, Nashville

"A perfect-pitched tenor," and "DC area's most perfect tenor."

"Mack Bailey, to hear him is to have a spiritual awakening!"

Maureen Harrigan, MoFolk Productions

"Mack Bailey is a serious presence in the folk scene.  With very solid guitar work and an impressive tenor voice, Mack plays to an audience's heart and soul. . . "

Scott Twiford, Big Bear Productions

"Mack Bailey....a powerful tenor voice and a fine songwriter."

Pete Huttlinger, Finger picking guitar Champion

"When Mack Bailey sings a sensitive song or a powerful song, his versatility amazes me."

                                                        Jim Horn, touring and studio musician to many stars

"At the first John Denver Tribute concert at the Birchmere in January 1998, we had all of John's former band together but had lost the lead singer.  We didn't know who could fill John's shoes.  But when I heard Mack Bailey sing, I knew it would be OK."

                                                        Steve Weisberg, John Denver's former touring and studio guitar and dobro player

"The first time you hear Mack sing, you quickly focus on the beauty of his voice and his mastery of the guitar -- once you come to know him, you quickly realize that his most precious gift of all is the size of his heart."

Richard Mattingly, Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

"It is impossible to listen to him sing his music and to not feel changed.  You know you are being given a gift that is so special and so valuable because he is truly giving you a piece of his heart.  It shines through in every genre, too!"

Naomi Parry, Executive Director, Maryland Therapeutic Riding

"The star attraction of the pops portion of the program was local favorite, Mack Bailey, whose folksy tenor, guitar playing and whistling are reminiscent of John Denver.  . . ."

- Jane Elkin, "The Capital" Newspaper, Annapolis

“Mack Bailey has a tremendously strong, soulful voice with a sweetness that would bring a tear to an Irish mother’s eye.”

 ~ Fran Fishman – Sun Times, University Park, IL

"Mack Bailey has a better-than-great tenor voice . . .."

Kim Kaplan, Where? House Concerts

 About Mack: He has an absolutely gorgeous tenor voice . 

 Frank Allen Philpot, Bethesda Acoustic House Concerts



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