About Mack Bailey and Rachel Levy:

Mack performs with his wife, Rachel Levy, and the duo have been likened to a “similar pairing 40 years ago of Gram Parsons and a very young Emmylou Harris”. “Lucky Man”, written by Mack and Rachel, was chosen as a finalist in the 2006 mid-Atlantic song contest in the country/bluegrass category and was also selected to be profiled in sing out! Magazine. In addition, in 2008, “Lucky Man” was a feature song on NASCAR Angels. Mack and Rachel also co-penned “It’s Time”, which has received critical acclaim from former Vice-President Al Gore, as promoting environmental awareness.   Mack was awarded for his excellence with a WAMMIE for Best Traditional Folk Performer, and his song “High Gear” has been featured on NPR’s popular Car Talk.  Mack and Rachel currently reside in Denver, Colorado.

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Mack Bailey and Rachel Levy combine folk, country, and bluegrass for a sound all their own.  Their passionate songs and melodic sound create an intimate atmosphere and make for a special evening of music!



Together, they receive glowing reviews:


About the song "It's Time"(written by Mack with Rachel Levy):  "I think it is great that you both are promoting environmental awareness in your new song "It's Time"."

  ~ Al Gore (former Vice-President)


"Great program! Perfect song choices! Thank you for sharing your talent with our community. Your music is upbeat, you blend nicely together, and your commentary adds so much. You were universally enjoyed!"

  ~ Sally Ehrle, Heritage Harbour Concert Coordinator


"Backed only by his own guitar and Rachel's harmonies, Bailey's tenor voice was clear and seemingly effortless - music writers have used words like 'soaring' and 'wonderous' to describe it, and that works for me."

  ~ Chuck Agonito, Finger Lakes Times


"Bailey and Levy play what’s best described as “Americana” music, infused with elements of folk, country, bluegrass and more. Lyrically, there’s an emphasis on the positive, the impetus to seize the day and move ahead on what’s right — for oneself, one’s loved ones, one’s planet.  As on “It’s Time,” a featured track on the couple’s MySpace and other Web presences, a song encouraging listeners to a greater environmental consciousness."

~ L. David Wheeler, Canandaigua Daily Messenger


" . . . Bailey also has a solo album, "Choose Your Attitude."  I particularly like the title song as well as "Lucky Man" and Bailey's solo version of "Rock Me Grandpa."  Another highpoint of the album is a duet with backup vocalist Rachel Levy called "Where Do I End and You Begin," which reminds me of a similar pairing 40 years ago of Gram Parsons and a very young Emmylou Harris with "Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels."  It's a sweet song to be sure. . . . Give these a listen and I think you'll like them very much - - as I did."   

~ Tim West, reviewer for Rediscover Music