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Publicity Photos:








Mack with Rachel Levy:







On the  Road - In Concert:





John Denver week concert with Pete (and Chris);  Christmas Concert at Aspen Chapel (with Rachel)



Blakely Island, WA;  on TV morning show in Nashville;  singing solo and with Pete Huttlinger in St. Gallen, Switzerland.



Appenzeller Switzerland (enjoying a day off with our hosts);  Roaring Fork Old Time Celtic Megaband performing at Strawberry Days in Glenwood in June 2007; Fan Cruise 2007



With The Hard Travelers:




Kenn Roberts, Jon Glik, Ira Gitlin, Mack & Mike Munford; The Hard Travelers



The Hard Travelers with frequent guest member Mark McGlashen:  Mark, Ira, Jon, Kenn, Mack & Mike.



Opening for Alan Jackson - 2002; opening for Martina McBride - 2003; opening for Reba McEntire - 2004



With The Limeliters:


2006 - present:                                                                     2004 - 2006:


Gaylan Taylor, Andy Corwin and Mack; Alex Hassilev, Andy Corwin and Mack



With notable friends:



Reba McEntire; Randy Sparks (founder, New Christie Minstrals); with Chris in TV studio; Mack with John Sommers & Bill Danoff



Amy Grant & Vince Gill; Vince Gill & Gary Muledeer; composing and singing with Tom Paxton



Noel Paul Stookey (P, P & M); Annie Denver; Mack (L.) performing with John Denver (R.); John Sommers, Kenn Roberts, Mack, country star Billy Dean, & Kevin Brooks



In the studio with The Jordanaires; The Chad Mitchell Trio; Astronaut Thomas Jones






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