Mack with Rachel Levy

Mack and Rachel combine folk, country, and bluegrass for a sound all their own.

Mack performs with his wife, Rachel Levy, and the duo have been likened to a “similar pairing 40 years ago of Gram Parsons and a very young Emmylou Harris”. “Lucky Man”, written by Mack and Rachel, was chosen as a finalist in the 2006 mid-Atlantic song contest in the country/bluegrass category and was also selected to be profiled in Sing Out! Magazine. In addition, in 2008, “Lucky Man” was a feature song on NASCAR Angels. Mack and Rachel also co-penned “It’s Time”, which has received critical acclaim from former Vice-President Al Gore, as promoting environmental awareness.   Mack was awarded for his excellence with a WAMMIE for Best Traditional Folk Performer, and his song “High Gear” has been featured on NPR’s popular Car Talk.  Mack and Rachel currently reside in Aspen, Colorado.