Mack's Videos

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Below:  "Eagles and Horses"    -    "Through Your Eyes"    -    "It's Time"    -    "The Bravest" with The Limeliters

"Eagles and Horses" video includes Pete Huttlinger on guitar and Chris Nole on keyboards. Filmed in Switzerland; Song: John Denver & Joe Henry

"Through Your Eyes" song by Mack Bailey; video by Andy Corwin

"It's Time" song by Mack Bailey and Rachel Levy; video by Mack Bailey

"The Bravest" song by Tom Paxton; sung by the Limeliters: Andy Corwin, Mack Bailey and Gaylen Taylor; video by Andy Corwin

Benefit Fundraising Concert for the Aspen Choral Society, "Mack Bailey - Live Online" on November 19, 2020  (1:26:48 running time)